Jessica Weese "Disc Princess" ✕ KCL

Jessica Weese "Disc Princess" ✕ KCL

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Support professional disc golfer Jessica Weese on her pro tour with this special edition collaboration. Inspired by Jess's love for balanced third-wave coffee, this medium roast bursts with notes of nutty cocoa and dried fruit without sacrificing smoothness. Exciting and smooth. Wait, were we talking about coffee or disc golf, again?

*We always recommend whole bean, grounding immediately before brewing for the highest quality. That being said, we acknowledge that the convenience of ground sometimes wins the day.

Roast Details
Grower: Paubrasil, Regiao Cerrado Mineiro Designation of Origin
Type: Arabica
Varieties: Cataui
Processing: Natural 
Region: Cerrado, Patos de Minas - Minas Gerais, Brazil
Elevation: 1100 MASL
Tasting Notes: Nutty, Cocoa, Dark Chocolate, Dried Fruit, Almond

12oz (350g) Bag.