5 Ways to Instantly Improve Your Morning Coffee

You’ve picked great beans, which are roasted to perfection. Yet some days your morning brew tastes amazing, while others you wish you could forget it. What makes the difference between ritual bliss and a sad cup of coffee? Learn to create coffee that will get you excited on both a hectic Monday and a lazy Sunday.

1. Use a burr grinder.

Whether you’re buying coffee for $6 a bag or $25 a bag, the single most important tool in your routine is your grinder. Having an inadequate grinder will create an inconsistent grind that will ruin the flavor of your coffee. Traditional blade grinders leave you with coffee “boulders” and powder all mixed in one batch. Some beans will end up way over-extracted (yielding bitter notes) while others will be under-extracted (with no flavor). We strongly recommend using a burr grinder. You’ll never regret that smooth, consistent finish.

2. Begin with whole beans.

Coffee begins to lose its flavor and freshness within several minutes of being ground—no matter how well you store it. So starting from grounds can leave you with a stale tasting brew. By contrast, whole beans act like magical nuggets, keeping that fresh flavor locked inside. Begin with whole beans, then grind as you go to easily increase your coffee satisfaction.

3. Measure by weight.

Every coffee you buy has a different mass depending on what type of bean it is, where it was grown, and how long it was roasted. Measuring your coffee/grounds/beans* by the spoonful is a surefire way to ruin this ritual delicacy. When creating your proportions, weigh your beans instead, then grind. You can find cheap, accurate scales on Amazon, giving you the chance to make a habitually good cup of coffee every day.

4. Check your water temperature.

Keep your water temp between 195℉ and 205℉, if your brewing method allows it. At lower temperatures, you won’t be able to extract much flavor from the grounds, creating a very plain cup of coffee. Higher temperatures will take too much flavor from the grounds, and bitter, unpleasant tastes will begin to come through.

5. Test your brewing method.

You should brew your coffee how you like it, in any way you feel comfortable. That said, there are differences in flavor and quality between brewing methods—especially ones that give the user more control. For example, the pour over method is straightforward and user friendly, creating an excellent cup of coffee. Several brands/manufacturers sell a pour over brewer. We recommend V60 or Chemex.

Let’s face it, these tips are good all day, every day, not just in the mornings. Try them out with Kinder Coffee Lab beans and taste the difference. Then wow your friends with your skills as a homebrewing coffee master.

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